A Glow Digger is a confident woman who strives To Lead a balanced lifestyle that benefits her glow from head to toe.


SAGD is your savvy and cheeky online spot for beauty advice and inspiration with an inside out approach. We are rooted in the belief that beauty is wellness and flawless skin starts on the inside…what you put on the outside is the cherry on top. Magda likes to share tips and tricks to educate and inspire you and help you find your glow so you can feel comfortable and confident in your own bare skin. 

Message From Magda

Don’t spend your life masking imperfections, girl! If you truly want to relate to Beyoncé’s words and actually mean them when you sing along…“I woke up like this…Flawless!”Then you have to get to the root of the issue and fix it from the inside out. This is when true beauty reveals itself. Don’t get it confused though...I love red lipstick and some bomb highlighter on my face once in awhile…but makeup should be used to play up your looks and not cover up your imperfections. Your skin and how it looks like is a result of your nutrition, wellness, lifestyle choices and the type of skincare regimen you have.

I’m not here to tell you what your mama already told ya… things like, “eat your veggies everyday” (mama was right though) and I’m not one to look down on you because you got Botox or the moisturizer you’re using is not 100% natural. Nah, this is not that type of place. I love a good treatment just like the next girl! Rather I am here to inspire you through my own lifestyle and skincare choices and hopefully make you want to try something new that will benefit your glow. 

I make an effort to live a life where wellness is at the forefront. If I have a beauty or health issue, I first start from the inside. I consider things like food, sleep, hormones, gut health, body balance, vitamin deficiencies, etc. Basically, I first try to address the issue from the inside and get to the root cause. Then I move on to addressing the issue from the outside, sometimes that means buying a supercharged serum, sometimes it means I’m getting the latest skin treatment done. You get my flow….it’s all interconnected and it all starts inside before it moves out...because girlfriend, you can’t be eating burgers and pizza everyday while you’re running off to get Coolscultpting done at your local med spa because “you just can’t lose that stubborn belly fat!” That mentality has got to go girl!

I see so many women approach beauty this way. They get acne or some other not so pretty skin condition and they go to the derm and just get a topical cream prescribed to them, that by the way, is probably super unhealthy for you. Wouldn’t you rather want to make sure you’re healthy and living a balanced lifestyle so your skin is not going kray and it can glow even without makeup on?! We are given solutions in our society that just put Band-Aid’s on our body and skin issues. It’s time to start taking a different approach to beauty and aligning our lifestyle so that we feel and look our best naturally.

I want you all to start thinking that way when it comes to beauty…It is my mission to let every woman know that achieving flawless skin and a beautiful glow from head to toe should not only be superficial...it takes an inside out approach.