3 Quick Tips For De-Puffing Your Face After One Too Many Glasses Of Rose

Soooo you're back from the long weekend and you feel sluggish and so not ready to get back to work... but that's not all...your face seems to show all the indulging you did over the weekend. The extra food, sweets and lets not forget alcohol all took a toll on your skin....your hella puffy in the face and it ain't cute. Am I right? Don't fret....Let's get your face all back to normal...Here are my top 3 ways to fight the puff and get your glowing complexion back! 

Skin Benefits Of Matcha & One Caution

I am a huge fan of matcha. I'm betting on the fact that you heard of this superfood drink? It's definitely trendy nowadays. But unlike like some other trendy skincare ingredients or products, this one actually packs TONS of benefits for your health and your skin. Matcha comes from Japan and it has been around for centuries. It is composed of the plant called Camellia sinensis (which are green tea leaves) and it is naturally dried and crushed. Unlike green tea though, it uses the whole leaf and it is never heated and

ZAP Your Pimple Away Fast

Hey glow diggers! I wanted to quickly tell you about a magic little wand I have been using to get rid of breakouts FAST! I don't get breakouts often but when I do it is typically around my menstrual cycle. A few months ago I got a pimple on my cheek and it was BIG! It was one of those cystic pimples...gross...I know...but do you know what I am talking about? Those take FOREVER to go away. I saw this puppy on

So I got in my car and rushed home eager to try this thing out...

Why Almost All Oils You Consume Are Aging You

I make an effort to consume only 3 oils in my diet and they are probably not the ones you would assume. There are TONS of oils on the market marketed to the masses as "healthy" oils. Some of those include avocado, hemp, almond, flax, fish oil and so on....They sound healthy, right? Most 'health nuts' love them and they even add them to their smoothies! But they're not healthy. Most oils on the market today, even

Exact Steps For Natural Glowy Skin

One thing that I am completely OBSESSED with lately is that dewy, glowing skin look! On a daily basis I typically wear no makeup but if I do want a little somethin' somethin’ extra, I feel like I have the 'no makeup makeup' look down! Today I wanted to do a quick tutorial and give you a breakdown of what skincare and makeup I use to create the natural glowing skin look that you see above. This glowy skin

My Morning Routine To Start The Day Off Right

Good morning my glow digger squad! I wanted to actually talk to you about having a good morning and getting your day started off right! I am definitely a morning person, I have the most energy and focus in the morning to get things done. I also get super excited about a brand new day so I look forward to my mornings. 

Take a Shot Of This Everyday For Youthful Skin

I'm sure you have already heard a million times over how great Vitamin C is for your immune system?But... do you know how great it is for your skin? I am a HUGE fan of vitamin C....I would say it is one of my top 3 skincare must haves of all times! It's just the most magical antioxidant out there and it has so 

My FIRST Ever "Glowsentials" Post!

Ummmm..... what's  glowsentials? I'm sure that's what's going through your head. Am I right? Well my dear friend...it's the latest things I found and have been using that have changed my life for the better! They can be related to beauty or wellness and maybe a few lifestyle picks as well! They simply are 

Ditch Your Mouthwash For Oil Pulling

I remember when I first heard of oil pulling (years ago) and when I first tied it. I only did it a few times and definitely found it hard to stay consistent with it. Time went by and I sort of forgot about it. That is until now, everyone seems to be talking and raving about it now. Of course, when it comes to any beauty 

A MAJOR Risk With Botox That No Doctor Talks About

Botox seems to be the norm nowadays. Ladies and even some gents love to get the treatment done in hopes of preventing any new wrinkles from forming. People even hold Botox parties and people get it done and don't even think twice about it because...well...hey... everybody is doing it...so it must be safe

Are Your Collagen Supplements A Waste Of Money?

Collagen...collagen...collagen....Ahhhhh! That one word, that everyone seems to be buzzing about these days! If women are not slapping it on their faces they are trying to ingest it. To both counts I have to say that you may be wasting your time and money. HUH??!!! Seriously, what? Yup, you heard that right.

Why Is Everyone Dry Brushing?

Hey beauties, have you come across dry brushing lately? I mean, I just can't seem to avoid it! Every magazine I open, every blog I read, every beauty store I browse...it's there...definitely a buzz of the moment and maybe something to try for yourself? After reading a little more about it, I can see why 

Hyaluronic Acid...Could It Be Drying Out Your Skin?

I'm sure you heard of hyaluronic acid (HA), it's not a new ingredient and it has been trending lately in skincare for its mega hydrating abilities. If you haven't heard of it you probably will start noticing it now. Check out the ingredient list of most moisturizers or serums these days and you'll probably see HA as one of them.

Game Plan For Kicking Melasma's Butt!

If you have developed melasma, trust me girl, I feel for you. I got melasma years ago and it has been an ongoing battle...sometimes I win and sometimes I lose. At one point, I rememeber, I just gave up on it. I just dealt with covering up with makeup and not doing anything to lighten up that pigment. But 

Wave Bye Bye To Your Dry Skin

Dry skin is annoying to deal with and I just hate when I have dry, flakey skin when I'm applying makeup...it just shows so much more! I make some changes when winter hits Chicago HARD and if you're from here you know 'hard' is an understatement! BUT, dry skin can happen any time of the year not just winter. When this happens I make changes to my routine which sometimes can be stripping of my natural oils (acids, retinols, anyone?)