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Avoiding Mainstream Deodorant & The Best Natural Options

Avoiding Mainstream Deodorant & The Best Natural Options

I'm not trying to tell you to go for an all natural hippie type of vibe when I say you should really avoid mainstream deodorant. 

I know we all want to smell good and not omit nasty odors when we are out and about our daily grind. But the deodorant that you are putting under your armpits every single morning may be doing more harm than good. 

Why exactly you ask? 

Well most mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum which research has suggested can affect your breast cells and that has been linked to the development of breast cancer. (source). If that's not alarming enough, the neurotoxic effects of metals like this in your body can lead to Alzheimer's disease. On top of that, these deodorants also typically contain hormone disrupting parabens and pathlates. 

I don't know about you...but all that is scary and I'd rather be on the safe side and avoid them. 

Just some quick scientific facts for you...we are already exposed to aluminum because the earth's  crust consists of it and it's in the water we drink. Being exposed to a certain amount is safe and out bodies can get rid of it but, the trouble begins when our bodies get too much and are not able to get rid of the excess. 

So better not smear these harmful chemical on your lymph nodes every morning, right??? Right.

Ok so my quest began for the best all natural deodorant began many years ago and I have used plenty! I have to admit they will not keep you completely dry, but some good ones keep you from being stinky, which is more important.

With that said following are my top 2 favorites... and they are my fave because they kept me drier then the other brands I have tried and kept me stink free. Is it me or do some natural deodorants make you smell worse? WTH??

So here they are...

My ultimate favorite is from Native. I love this brand so much because not only do they have the best scents  but they kept me drier then most and I smelled good alllll day long! Thumbs up for that! Oh another added bonus...they have them for men as well. So you can get your boyfriend or hubby on the all natural band wagon as well! Btw, this one is currently only available via their website. 

My second favorite is Schmidt's Deodorant. This particular brand is carried in a lot of major stores, including Target. Schmidt's is plant powered and uses ingredients such as rose, charcoal and even magnesium in some of their deodorants. They do have great choices available on their site and the deodorant is uni-sex. 

Try these out ladies and please let me know any other tips you have for staying dry the all natural way. I would love to hear what brands you have tried and loved or even hated! 

Nov 2018 Update: I have been trying some other brands over the months and have to say that Agent Nateur Holi (Stick) deodorant is my current favorite! Yes I would say it’s my #1 right now and Native fell to #2. I love the smell of it, the super clean ingredients and the fact that it actually works….works sooo good! Because let’s face it, not one of us likes wet or stinky underarms. Works better then all the ones I have tried before it. You gotta give this one a try!

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