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My Morning Routine To Start The Day Off Right

My Morning Routine To Start The Day Off Right


Good morning my glow digger squad!

Today I want to talk to you about actually having a good morning and getting your day started off right! 

I don't know about you... but I am definitely a morning person! I have the most energy and focus in the morning to get things done. I look forward to my mornings and I also get super excited about a brand new day (might sound corny, but I do!). There's something refreshing about a brand new start, isn't there? 

But I have to say, that I am only a morning person when I get enough sleep. Lol! If I don't get at least 7 hours, I feeeeeel it. No joke...my whole body and mind are off and I just don't have the same energy or focus all day.

And it doesn't even matter how many cups of coffee I have... it just won't change. I'm basically screwed and I have to fight this energy all freakin' day. My hubby makes fun of how sensitive I am with my sleep!  I can't help it though...if I feel and look like crap it definitely won't be a productive day and that to me is a wasted day. 

That is why I typically stick to a bedtime hour and very rarely get off schedule with that. Of course, if I have something going on or if I am out for the night, I don't freak out. You gotta roll with what life throws at you sometimes, right?  

Since having kids, I NEVER get to sleep in anymore. Maybe once in a blue moon (once a year if I'm lucky, lol) my hubby will get up early and take care of the kids while I sleep in a bit....and by "a bit" I mean... 9am I am up....yep...that's sleeping in for me nowadays, #momlife. 

Typically, I try to wake up at 6:30 am since my kids are usually up by 7:00-7:30am. Once they are up it's safe to say chaos starts in the house! Haha! This is why I wake up before they do... having that time to myself in the morning and getting ready for the day in peace makes me feel more relaxed and balanced for the day. 

Here is what else I typically do in the mornings to have a positive start to the day: 

RISE & SHINE ⚡︎ I love when my body naturally wakes up before my alarm does. It is THE BEST WAY to wake up. Having an annoying and loud buzzing sound getting you out of bed is the fastest way to ruin your mood. Building a bedtime and rise time routine is critical if you want to be a natural riser. If you go to bed around the same time each night and rise at the same time in the am your body will follow that rhythm naturally after some time. If you just are not a morning person (hey no judgement here!) and you need to set that alarm, make sure it is not super loud and choose a sound that is more relaxing and calming rather than a crazy screeching buzzing sound. Trust me, your mood will thank you for that.

MOVEMENT ⚡︎ I love to do some quick stretches when I get up. It just feels good to get rid of any tightness I feel and get my blood moving, you know? The movement gets you going and you feel more awake as well. 

ESSENTIAL OILS ⚡︎ Either upstairs, while I am getting ready, or when I finally get downstairs I like to get my essentials oils going with an uplifting scent in my diffuser. This just sets an ambiance for me and the scent has a positive effect on my mood. If you know me, you know I love to set a proper ambiance. Whether that be with lighting, candles or essential oils. This part doesn't happen every single morning, there are days when my kids wake up super early and I just don't have the time for my full routine. That's ok though. I work with what I got going on. 

MEDITATION & GRATITUDE ⚡︎ On certain days, I also like to take a least 5 minutes to mediate. I love to practice gratitude and let my mind be free before starting a crazy day. Gratitude in life is EVERYTHING to me. You can never be fully happy unless you thank God, the universe, a higher power (whatever you want to call it) for what you have in life right now. I am trying to make meditation an everyday part of my morning routine and create a habit that is hard to break....work in progress for now. I will keep you guys updated. 

SKIN-CARE ⚡︎ I tend to shower at night to save time in the morning since I have two little ones I need to get ready as well. So I use that time to take care of my skin. There is nothing better than waking up and not needing make-up. This is why I concentrate on skincare and properly take care of my face, even in the morning. My skincare routine is not lengthy in the AM but it is religious to me....I never skip a step. This is also when I brush my teeth and scrap my tongue.  

DRESS UP TIME ⚡︎ After that I get dressed (which sometimes is a pain because I try on soooo many things). I always regret not getting an outfit prepped the night before if I have something going on. My advice to make your mornings less stressful is to prep your outfits and accessories the night before so you can just slip it on and get going. 

WELLNESS ⚡︎ By now my kids typically start to wake up. So I get them ready for the day and return to make my bed (since hubby is up by now) and then we head downstairs for breakfast. I always start off with a shot of my Vitamin C and Collagen by The Beauty Chef drink. If it's the weekday sometimes we have a quick grab and go type breakfast or sometimes I'll make some quick scrambled eggs with avocado or something like that. 

WORK & ERRANDS ⚡︎ We head out and I drop the kids off at pre-school and then once I come back I'll make my coffee (which is something I SOOOO look forward to each day!) and I get going with my work. I typically know what my day will consist of and what I need to accomplish because I plan the night before, which helps a ton! I also batch my to do items (post coming soon....it's such a time saver and it is so efficient!) and try not to look at my emails until I am done with the work I needed to accomplish that day. 

I know that a lot of people grab their phones and check their emails, or instagram, etc. right when they wake up. Hey, if that's your thing... that's ok...for me it's not the best way to start my day. It makes me more cluttered in my mind and having a peaceful and balanced morning makes me have more energy and makes me feel happy. 

I believe that setting time aside for yourself, especially as a momma, is so necessary for your sanity and happiness. Jumping out of bed to a crazy loud alarm, brushing your teeth quickly, putting on your wrinkled clothes from yesterday and grabbing coffee and a donut on your way out is not an ideal way to get your day to a positive start. It sets the tone...and it ain't positive.

Yes, I know, life happens, and my mornings are not always so balanced but this is something I strive for and it became a habit for me. If it doesn't happen all the time and I miss a day or two here and there because I sleep in or whatever the reason is....that's ok. 

It takes a little time for the fist few weeks to fight through not wanting to get out of bed early enough to have time for yourself, but eventually you get used to it and you form a habit of doing so. So push through it glow digger! 

How do you girls get your morning going? Let me know if you have any rituals in your morning routine? Do you struggle getting in enough time in the morning to get yourself properly ready for the day? Let me know in the comments. 

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