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Why Almost All Oils You Consume Are Aging You

Why Almost All Oils You Consume Are Aging You


I make an effort to consume only 3 oils in my diet and they are probably not the ones you would assume.

There are TONS of oils on the market marketed to the masses as "healthy" oils. Some of those include hemp, canola, almond, flax, fish oil and so on....

They sound healthy, right? Most 'health nuts' love them and they even add them to their smoothies.

But they're not healthy. 

Most oils on the market today, even ones the you were made to believe are healthy, are absolutely horrible for you! 

They are not only aging you faster but they are ruining your health as well. 

WHOA! I know....BIG statement there, huh? 

Which Oils Are The Bad Ones? 

These "bad oils" that I am referring to are called polyunsaturated oils, also known as polyunsaturated fatty acids or PUFAs.

Pretty much all of the popular oils on the market like vegetable, walnut, cottonseed, soybean, almond, canola, cod liver, flax, corn, fish, hemp, peanut, sesame, sunflower, and margarine, etc. are all PUFAs. 

Can I help you pick your jaw up from the ground?? 

I know when I first heard this I was shocked! I couldn't believe it! All these years we were sold the idea that butter is bad for us and that vegetable oils are better or that hemp and fish oil are so beneficial to our health. 

But it was all a BIG FAT LIE! 

Let's explore this further....

Why Are Polyunsaturated Oils Bad? 

It all comes down to their fat molecules. To break this down for you quickly without making you feel like you are sitting in a chem class here, just know this:

There are two types of fats: saturated and unsaturated. Saturated means the fat molecules have all the hydrogen atoms it can hold (these types of oils are solid at room temperature).

Whereas, unsaturated fats...you guessed it... have some hydrogen atoms removed (they liquidity in room temps).

So what happens when they are missing atoms? 

They get attacked by...I know you heard of these... free radicals!

Yup, the anti-aging enemy that we work so hard to avoid!

When these unsaturated molecules enter your body they go rancid and basically steal electrons from healthy cells leaving them damaged! Damaged cells lead to tons of serious health issues like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, just to name a few. 

Polyunsaturated oils also oxidize easily when exposed to heat, light and oxygen, meaning they can go rancid when sitting on a supermarket's shelf or placed topically on your skin! 

A small amount of oxidation activity in your body is normal and unavoidable because of pollution, stress, diet, etc. but it becomes a problem when it gets out of control. Consuming PUFAs everyday is basically making the situation out of control. 

Where Are PUFAs Found? 

As mentioned above they are in all modern day oils. If you ever seen an ancient cookbook you will see that back in the day our ancestors never used PUFAs to cook with, they used butter or tallow. There must be a connection there since the diseases we are faced with now were a hella lot lower back then! 

In the modern day we use nut, seed and vegetable oils for almost everything. They are hidden in your food as well...things like crackers, soups, granola bars, potato chips...just about everything has it! I encourage you to read the labels of some of your favorite foods and see if you can find any PUFAs...I bet you can!

You should know that Omega 3, 6, and 9 are all PUFAs. Ah yes! I know, you were made to believe omegas were essential to your health. Well, not necessarily to the extent that we were made to believe. It's all about the ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 and ideally it should be 1:2, but most of us are 1:15!!

Seeds as well as nuts are not all that great for you to consume on a regular basis, they should be eaten moderately. Basically, it's all about eating more Omega 3 and less Omega 6. Here is a great article going further into this.

I can go on forever about this and for the sake of my readers and the fact that this blog is about tying wellness to beauty let's concentrate on how this is damaging your skin and what you can do to avoid PUFAs. BUT, since this topic is such an interesting read and very serious for your health I encourage you to google it and read up on this topic. This is a great article that I found that really goes into detail about specifics and also why this big fat lie happened in the first place.

Anyhow, moving on to beauty...

How PUFAs Age You Faster

Remember how we talked about free radicals and how they damage your healthy cells? Well, they also attack you skin cells. If you want to understand skin aging it all boils down to skin cells. Just like damaged body cells lead to horrible diseases, damaged skin cells lead to wrinkles, dryness, saggy skin and even skin photo-aging!

Yea, you heard that right... It's not only the sun leaving you with dark spots on your face! The skin pigmentation you have may be because you consume to many PUFAs! People that don't eat as many PUFAs and are exposed to the sun have a much lower chance of developing skin pigmentation. 

As you probably know your skin is your largest organ and your body uses it as one of the organs to detoxify. So what you put in your body will, to a certain degree, come out through your pores. Remember how I mentioned that PUFA oils oxidize easily when exposed to light? Well, when you are in the sun they will do just that, oxidize on your skin and cause those dark areas.....

Ahhhh, sounds SO bad doesn't it? All this explains my dark pigmentation and made me rethink my melasma game plan. It helps what I put on my skin to get rid of that pigment but now decreasing my PUFA consumption should make it go away faster. Once again it's confirmed... beauty starts from the inside! 

By the way guys, this is also why to never put PUFAs on your skin either! 

OMG! I know I'm with ya girl! This is all a lot to take in. But I hate to say it....there's more...

  • PUFAs suppress your thyroid. Your thyroid is linked to your metabolism and when your thyroid is suppressed that leads to poor circulation, bad detoxification and fatigue. Lastly, low thyroid activity means inflammation in the body that can appear on the skin through eczema and psoriasis.
  • Messes with your hormones. They hinder the production of progesterone (youth hormone) and increase production of stress hormone, estrogen. High levels of estrogen have been linked to skin aging.
  • Poor protein digestion. Your skin and nails are made up of protein blocks. Anything that hinders the digestion of proteins means that your skin and nails are not getting what they need to be healthy. 

So now that we know how PUFAs can age you and deter your health let's talk about....

What Oils Should You Concentrate On Consuming? 

I remember when I first heard about this... I ran, not walked (lol), to my kitchen panty and threw out all the oils in there that I thought were healthy and started to ONLY cook with 3 oils:

Coconut Oil: Oh the love I have for coconut oil and I know I'm not the only one. This oil can really do it all. Coconut oil is a saturated fat and it has SO MANNNNY benefits! It can boost your metabolism, make you feel full longer, it is burned for energy quickly and not to mention can improve your thyroid function. Which is so important because the thyroid controls your body's hormones and controls your metabolism as we talked about. This is my NUMBER ONE pick for cooking and applying topically. Another added bonus, coconut oil helps you burn fat instead of store it! What's not to love about this oil?!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Olive oil is a monounsaturated oil and adds a delish taste to food and is great for the skin as well! Olive oil contains potent antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory effects on the body and can control your LDL cholesterol levels for the best heart health. It doesn't have a high heat point like coconut oil so I use it for light cooking or for dressings. Just be careful with olive oil as well because there are many fake ones on the market that are mixed in with cheaper bad oils. Google that topic if you are interested in learning more. Some good ways to know if it's the real deal is by the color (should be very yellow or may have a green tint) and the taste should be potent. Also if you put it in the fridge and it stays liquid, it has PUFAs in it! 

Grass Fed Butter or Ghee: We were made to believe that butter, which is a saturated fat, is so bad for us because it leads to heart disease. That was ALL WRONG. I am a big believer that we need meat, butter and cheese in our diets after I heard Nina Teicholz talk about her scientific findings on the Joe Rogan podcast (you can read her book here). Don't be afraid of butter, it's delish and when eaten in moderation it's such a better option for your health and looks 😉 Plus, it is rich in vitamins A, E, and K2 and as I learned it contains 2 important fatty acids called butyrate (very anti-inflammatory and can help correct insulin sensitivity) and conjugated linoleum acid (can lower your body fat percentage and lower cancer growth). 

Another great option is beef fat, but I doubt many of us would be cooking with it though. 

One other bonus of consuming saturated fat is the fact that they actually help you burn more fat! It's actually the opposite of what we were made to believe that it will clog our arteries and make us fat! 

Furthermore, women who consume high amounts of PUFAs in their diet actually store it in their thigh area. So cutting back will help you tone those thighs finally ladies! It seems like most girls that I talk to always complain about the struggle to tone their thighs and how it's one of the most difficult areas to tone. Well maybe now we know why. 

Good Oils For Face And Body Use? 

I love coconut oil for my body... after I take a shower that is my go to. I also use olive oil here and there. When I'm busy at home and my hands feel dry I'll just go to my kitchen and rub some olive oil on them. Another great option for your body is shea butter. I tend to not put these 3 oils on my face though, as they can clog your pores. I love to use jojoba oil and vitamin E for my face. 

Check your beauty products ingredient list and make sure they are either completely free of PUFAs or have them down the list as far as possible. 

How To Avoid PUFAs

The thing that absolutely blows guys is that PUFA oils are in almost EVERYTHING. They are VERRRRY hard to avoid. They are most definitely in fast foods and a lot of packaged foods that you buy and maybe even think are healthy.

So how can one deal?

Here is my way: not obsessing about it when you are out. I try to cook at home as much as possible, as a family we eat out maybe once or twice a week and when we do I don't obsess. When I go grocery shopping I look at ingredients and I try to make the best and healthiest choice.

My rule of thumb is to stick with oils that are no more than 10% PUFA. If you are wondering about any oil and its PUFA %, just ask me either in the comment section or insta or you can google it and you will find your answer. 

Additionally, sometimes I will take a vitamin E supplement to help my body out. The antioxidant will help neutralize the free radicals by donating an electron. I take my Vitamin E supplement on days when I eat out and if I forget... I don't stress...

It's all about finding that balance ladies. 

Lastly, I read from multiple sources that it takes about 4 years for all of the PUFAs to clear our bodies. Whoa! That's awhile, huh? Supplementing with the right dosage of vitamin E can help out with this process as well. Look below to shop the Vitamin E I take. 

I want to hear your thoughts... have you been cooking with PUFAs? Are you now going to be avoiding them? Are you in shock over all this information or have you known this for awhile? Please let me know! 








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