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Exact Steps For Natural Glowy Skin

One thing that I am completely OBSESSED with lately is that dewy, glowing skin look! On a daily basis I typically wear no makeup but if I do want a little somethin' somethin’ extra, I feel like I have the 'no makeup makeup' look down! Today I wanted to do a quick tutorial and give you a breakdown of what skincare and makeup I use to create the natural glowing skin look that you see above. This glowy skin

Are Your Collagen Supplements A Waste Of Money?

Collagen...collagen...collagen....Ahhhhh! That one word, that everyone seems to be buzzing about these days! If women are not slapping it on their faces they are trying to ingest it. To both counts I have to say that you may be wasting your time and money. HUH??!!! Seriously, what? Yup, you heard that right.

Why Is Everyone Dry Brushing?

Hey beauties, have you come across dry brushing lately? I mean, I just can't seem to avoid it! Every magazine I open, every blog I read, every beauty store I's there...definitely a buzz of the moment and maybe something to try for yourself? After reading a little more about it, I can see why 

Benefits Of Using Lactic Acid

If you're a skincare fanatic, like myself, than you probably know all the benefits of exfoliating your skin. I love a superficial exfoliator that I can easily incorporate into my nightly skincare routine. By "superficial" I mean that my skin is turning over cells quicker and peeling but it is not visible to the naked eye. I'm sure we all know the peels that leave us looking red and peeling like an onion. But did you know that your skin doesn't have to peel with a peel? Sounds contradicting, huh? Well that's exactly what happens when you put alpha or beta hydroxy acids in lower strengths on your skin.

How To Get Healthy & Long Lashes Naturally

Is wearing mascara or falsies a part of your everyday routine? If so, you probably need to give your lashes a little extra TLC to prevent thinning and breakage. I have to let you ladies in on how I do this...naturally. You will only need two ingredients, vitamin E and castor oil. Mix these two oils together 

Sleep On This For Healthy Hair & Skin

I want to fill you ladies in on how I literally get my beauty sleep at night! No, no, I'm not talking about getting that solid 7-8 hours of shut eye, which by the way is so important and something I CANNOT do without. This is more about how I keep my hair healthy and my skin looking young while I sleep. It's not a 

How I Prevented Postpartum Hair Loss

Hey mamas! Today I wanted to take the time to share with you the one product that has saved my hair during my postpartum period. As you may know, after birth you will find yourself shedding a lot more hair than usual. You can thank your good ole' estrogen for this, since its levels are dropping and causing